First Came Forever by Annie Woods!

Hey Bookies!

I hope this New Year is finding you all well! Hopefully you are reading many many good books! I’m finding that posting on here regularly is really helping me. I have a lot going on in my life right now but when I sit down and start writing it all fades away to the background. So thank you guys for being here for me and reading my random thoughts on books! You guys are the best!

First Came Forever by Annie Woods was not what I was anticipating. I think I was expecting fluff. Just gooey lovey dovey stuff. But it was much more than that. It hit on lots of things like the lost of a parent,the struggle of a long distance relationships, and real hard life choices. And y’all know that I love a book that is more than just fluff. When books hit on real life stuff it just makes me love that book even more.

I found that I related to Erica a lot. She goes on an amazing trip with her friends to Cambodia & Vietnam. And while all they want to do is go partying and hooking up with guys, Erica would much rather go sighting and see the beautiful and spiritual temples that she wanted to see her entire life. At one point she even questions herself about why she isn’t normal, why she doesn’t want to go partying and I was sitting there saying me too girl me too. Because I would much rather go see beautiful temples then get wasted.

So Erica goes off on her own and she meets Sasha. Sexy explore Sasha. *Sighs* It clear from their first meeting that these two are going to fall head over heels for each other… not saying anything else because I wont ruin the book for you! go read it!

BUT! I will say that even though Sasha is deemed the dream guy I couldn’t help falling for Tyler. Erica meets Tyler when she moves to the states and holy hell. I’m sorry Sasha step aside we have a broken boy here who heals and possibly maybe sorta falls for Erica in the process. I’m a SUCKER for bad boy turns good for girl. Its like this author has written a book just for me.

But my OTP did not come to light and ?I cried. I was sobbing by the end of the book. The ending…. the ending is the real twist let me tell you. I kept expecting someone to leak her secret and that the story would carry on from there but that never happened to my surprise. What happens is emotional and its just a nice twist. I’m extremely excited to read the next book in this series!

Now let me take a moment to thank the author. Out of the kindness of her own heart Annie Woods sent me her book so that I could experience the amazingness of it. I am so thankful that she did! The book is amazing Annie. Keep writing! She has also personally messaged me and has been very supportive during this difficult time in my life. It just so touching and sweet. So thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart. Guys please check out her book!!! Its available on Barnes & Noble! Click Here to check it out!

Comment down below if you have ever had the chance to talk/meet an author!

Also!!! On my Instagram, readinganonymous I’m hosting a Giveaway! Make sure you check it out! Thanks guys!

Until next time.

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