Simply Jane by Randal Licato

Hey Bookies!

I was doing so well sticking to my TBR and writing reviews after each book I read. But then I feel into a slump and all was lost. I’m finally back on track with reading and I am going to try and catch up with all my reviews! I’m about 5 books behind with reviewing.

I had to change my very high GoodReads goal. It was 85 but it was stressing me out that i wasn’t reading enough so i dropped it down to 50. So far I’m doing well!

So let me stop blabbing and start talking about this book.

Simply Jane was a crazy novel. At times it was very hard to keep up with. At one point I had to go back and re read it to try and make sense of what was going on. Despite this however I think this was a good books. Sometimes it’s the message that the book is trying to get across is more important than the quality of the writing.

Jane is in the life center. A place where everyone tells her she is useless and can never be loved. She goes through a series of events & ‘visions’ the helps explains to the readers what exactly she went through to make her so depressed and broken.

In these visions she sees a man named Wayland. He helps her. Shows her that she needs to face herself and start loving herself before she can be ready to be loved by anyone else. And I thought that was very important. Because I agree with it. You need to love yourself and forgive yourself before you can expect someone else to love you. I learned this the hard way guys, but I think this book might help people understand more. Help them understand that people are not broken, they just need someone there to support them and help them.

It was super cool that I got this book from a giveaway that was hosted by the author through Reviewofastreetzombie! We even got to talk about it together so that was amazing! I’m really working hard guys on not giving away too much in my reviews. Normally i just rant but I’m trying! How am I doing? Do you like its better when I just rant?

I hope this weekend treated you well and that you did something fun!

Until next time.

Keep on reading!


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