Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Well, this is a book that surprised the hell out of me. I will admit that this is the first Adult Fiction book I have ever read willingly. I was put off at first by this fact, thinking immediately that it wasn’t going to be like my YA books that I love so much. And I was right, this book wasn’t like them at all. In fact, it was better.

The authors note is the first thing that pulled me into this story. His cockiness about how he knows us the reader will love this book made me laugh. I exclaimed to the book “Ha yeah right I doubt it. Show me what you got.” And damn it did and it did it well. This book was gorydamn brilliant.

The writing style was one of the main things that I really enjoyed while reading this book. It was consisted and to the point. There was no need for over descriptiveness or extensive details about every little thing. In one paragraph you can learn what happened in the span of 4 days or even weeks. I loved it. There was just something about the writing that made this book so easy to read and understand. It felt smooth against my mind. I just wanted to wrap myself up with his words and I never wanted the story to end. I loved Darrow and his army. Darrow rose and fell so many times it seems impossible that he is even still alive at this point. But he is. He has survived and he has earned some unbreakable loyalty for whatever reason. Servo, my precious little goblin, will never leave his side and neither will all the other people that Darrow saved from starvation and near death. The people he freed and gave a purpose too. He has cemented a lasting bond with these people. And I just know that it is these relationships that will lead Darrow on his rebellion. Because his army knows now how corrupt their own people are. They will want change just as much as the Reds in the mines do. And that is something these Golds do not understand. It is going to be glorious to watch these high mucky-mucks Golds get their asses handed to them.

Another thing that I really liked about this book is that even though Darrow is placed in this school and game to start a rebellion, there really isn’t much talk of it. Which I know sounds weird that I am happy about this, but I just really enjoyed reading about the game and waiting to see who would fall next. I expect big things from the second book to elaborate more on the rebellion and maybe check in with Dancer and Harmony? Those two have vanished. But I am also wondering if there will even be a rebellion at all. Maybe Darrow with his loyal army and followers don’t even need to start a rebellion. Maybe he will just be able to remove the evil people in power and save the Reds by political force and movements only. Now that would make for a very interesting read.

I am eager to see the relationship grow between Darrow and Mustang. I knew from the start that something would happen between them, and now I am excited to see where it goes and how it will affect the rest of the book. This is also one of the first books I have read that I didn’t mind not having a huge love interest aspect of it. That is because the story is so strong on its own, it really doesn’t need it at all. Which makes me nervous for the remaining books because I don’t want love to come and ruin the blood and mayhem.

Overall a really great read. I am so excited to read the next book and see where this story takes me. There are 6 books in total, I just know it is going to be otherworldly.

You can find Red Rising on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Pierce’s website.

Until next time,

Keep on reading!


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