His Hideous Heart edited by Dahlia Adler review + excerpt

Ready to get spooky?

Whether or not you love Edgar Allan Poe or whether or not you have even read anything by him, you will love this book. If you are a fan of spooky things, thrillers, horrors, things that go bump in the night and will keep you up at night, then this is the book for you!

Now what is so freaking amazing about this book is that it is a collection of 13 short stories all written by 13 different authors. Each author has their own unique writing style and takes on these classic Edgar Allan Poe stories. I want to take a moment and highlight each author that contributed to the making of this book. These authors are Kendare Blake (reimagining “Metzengerstein”), Rin Chupeco (“The Murders in the Rue Morge”), Lamar Giles (“The Oval Portrait”), Tessa Gratton (“Annabel Lee”), Tiffany D. Jackson (“The Cask of Amontillado”), Stephanie Kuehn (“The Tell-Tale Heart”), Emily Lloyd-Jones (“The Purloined Letter”), Hillary Monahan (“The Masque of the Red Death”), Marieke Nijkamp (“Hop-Frog”), Caleb Roehrig (“The Pit and the Pendulum”), and Fran Wilde (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) All these authors did such an amazing job. I am blown away by their creativity and uniqueness.

Now to get more in-depth about the book itself. All these short stories were wonderful, some were way more spooky than others, *Cough cough* Caleb Roehrig *cough cough* What I found to be extremely interesting is that some instead of taking on a horror vibe went more sci-fi. I don’t think Edgar Allan Poe could have ever imagined that to happen and I was super taken aback by it. Those stories were filed in nicely so as not to get too overwhelmed with all the gloom and doom. Some authors chose to write their story in a very old-timey/ Edgar Allan Poe style while others were very modern. The combination just makes for a very interesting read.

One of my favorite authors Caleb Roehrig is one of the contributors to this book and unsurprisingly, his story was the scariest and horror-filled. I am not surprised at all since all of his books are dark and bloody, but this was by far the scariest. I was happy to be reading his writing again but I did lose some much-needed sleep after reading his.

The other amazing thing about this book is that they also included all the original tales by Edgar Allan Poe. So if you have never read anything by him before you can read all of them before you read all the modern-day retellings! I recommend starting with the pome Annable Lee because it is my favorite and so chilling and sad.

I was sent this book by the publisher to share an honest review of it and to also share an excerpt! My excerpt is from The Glittering Death by Caleb Roehrig inspired by “The Pit and the Pendulum”

“I am in a cage. Panic sweeps back over me in a bright wave, my heart galloping into my throat. Gripping the walls of my enclosure, I give the metal a hard shake, hearing it rattle. I shake harder, fear making me desperate, some feral remnant of my brain ascending. I’m in a cage. My muscles start to burn, flop sweat rolling from under my arms, and the sturdy wire begins to cut into the soft flesh of my fingers; but my efforts are useless. The mesh won’t bend, the joints won’t give, and frantic tears spangle my vision as my chest heaves. The Judge. It has to be the Judge. My ears ring with the memory of Agent Fields, standing on the edge of the stage, trying to scare us—“abducts his victims,” “holds them in captivity,” “still alive”—and bile rushes up my throat. My eyes are finally adjusting to the dark, and I can make out the steel table with more clarity now. I can see the shallow gutters along its sides, the locked wheels on its feet, the drain set into the concrete floor just beneath it. It’s meant for surgical procedures. “Help!” I shout. The word sounds pathetic, denied resonance by the heavy curtains that gobble up sound with a vengeance. But once I’ve begun screaming, I find I can’t stop. “Somebody please help me!” Falling back, I start slamming my feet into the walls of the cage, trying to find weaknesses—trying to create some—shouting until my throat is raw. Just beyond the cacophony of my struggle, I hear a click and a creak of hinges, and I freeze. It’s absurd; I made the noise hoping for attention, but as heavy footsteps thump against wood somewhere behind the folds of the black curtains around me, I go utterly still. Because I know. With every fiber of my being, I know it’s him. He emerges through an invisible gap in the thick drapery, at the far end of the room where the metal table waits, still in the same strange costume he wore in the alley. The robe that swirls about him hangs all the way to the floor, a dull crimson beneath the jaundiced light of the single bulb. He approaches my cage on soundless feet, and I scuttle backward, a whimper escaping my lips. “The accused is awake,””

*shivers* doesn’t reading that just give you the chills! If you love horror and spooky things this will be your favorite story just like it is mine!

Thank you so much to Flat Iron Books for sending me an ARC of this book to review! All thoughts and opinions are my own. This chilling read will be available on September 10th, 2019! Just in time to start feeling spooky. You can find His Hideous Heart on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon!

Until next time,

Keep on reading!


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